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Become a curator on the Scratch Homepage

What's a Scratch curator?
A curator in an art museum chooses artwork to be displayed in the museum. Similarly, a curator in the Scratch community chooses projects to be displayed on the Scratch Homepage. Every few weeks, the Scratch Team will select a member of the Scratch community to serve as curator. While serving as curator, the Scratcher’s most recent Favorites will be featured in a row on the Scratch Homepage.

How do I become a curator?
We'll choose curators that represent the diversity of the Scratch Community - girls, boys, gamers, storytellers, animators - Scratchers of all kinds! If you'd like to become a curator, first take some time to think about what kind of projects you'd like to show others, and why you think they're interesting. Share your thoughts in a paragraph or two, with links to example projects, in this forum thread. We especially like to choose Scratchers who have been helpful and contributing members of the Scratch community.

How often should the Scratch curator update the projects shown on the front page?
We'd like the curator to choose different projects at least twice a week.


Who has been a curator?
We have had many applicants. Choosing among them has not been easy! You can find a list of past curators on the Scratch Wiki. Many thanks to all of them!