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Scratch Community Moderators

Scratch community moderators are Scratchers who volunteer to help moderate the forums and the website according to the Scratch Community Moderator Guidelines. Moderators have a limited term length of 4 months, after which the moderator and the Scratch Team will decide if they should continue for another term (without needing to run for re-election).

What are the roles and responsibilites of community moderators?

1. Answer questions helpfully on the website and forums
2. Help keep things organized, on topic, and respectful in the forums
3. Clean up spam
4. Flag comments or projects that go against the Scratch Community Guidelines

How are moderators chosen?

Any Scratcher for whom all these things are true can nominate themselves to be a community moderator:

1. Has been active on the website for at least 6 months.
2. Is willing to commit to moderate based on the Scratch Community Guidelines and the Community Moderator Guidelines.
3. Has a history of positive interactions on the site in which they have demonstrated kindness, patience, and helpfulness.
4. Will be age 13 or older during the month of the election, and has their parent's permission to be a community moderator.

If you meet all these criteria, you can announce your intention to run for the position of community moderator in the next election. The Scratch Team will choose a small group of candidates from all those who apply, and publish a website where members of the Scratch community can vote. The moderators with the most votes will be asked to have their parents contact the Scratch Team to confirm their age and discuss the role. The Scratch Team reserves the final decision in case of cheating. After about 4 months, we'll hold a new election if there is a need for more community moderators.

Who are the current moderators?

The current Scratch community moderators are JSO, MyRedNeptune, coolstuffHarakou, Lucario621, scimonstersparks, and nXIII

Who has been a moderator in the past?


"My time with Scratch thus far has been one of kind. The Scratch Community has had a substantial influence on my life and interest in programming. I was honored to be chosen as a Community Moderator, and the experience is something I would never give up. At the same time, now that I have decided to step down, I am excited to work with Scratch in new ways. I thank my fellow moderators and the Scratch Team for making my time with them a delightful one." 


"I've really enjoyed this past year and a half (wow - time flies!), and it was an honour to moderate such a great community. I learned a lot - thanks, everybody!" 


"There's no place on earth like the Scratch community, and you won't find the energy created by drawing together students, educators, programmers, and artists anywhere else. I think Scratch has an almost universal appeal; it speaks to the human need to create and to bring our ideas to life. I've learned a lot from Scratch, both the software and the community, and it was thrilling to be able to give something back during my time as a Community Moderator. I am confident that my replacement will do an excellent job, and I wish the best of luck to the candidates, whoever they may be. Being a moderator is an experience that will change you, and I'd recommend it to anyone." 


"This was a great experience to help others in the community. I hope I will be able to run again!" 


"As quickly as it seems my term has gone by, I feel that I learned a lot from moderating, and have accomplished the goals I had set in the beginning...Scratch On!"


"Its been a great honor and I remember when I was asked, I was so happy... I am still happy having this great experience as well!"