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Scratch on Linux

Debian / Ubuntu Package

You can install the latest Scratch for Debian or Ubuntu (12.04 or later) using your favorite package manager provided you have "unsupported updates" (backports) enabled in your software sources.

You can also install Scratch from the terminal by typing:  sudo apt-get install scratch 

Or, download the scratch installer here and double click it. If you are using an older version of Ubuntu, try installing this outdated version of the Scratch package.

Found a bug? Please report it through your distro's bug tracker. 

Fedora / RPM package

A helpful member of the Scratch community has made an RPM version of Scratch. You can download a beta version of the package here: scratch-

Members of the open source software community are currently working on an updated rpm, the source for which can be found here.

Scratch Source Code

The Scratch Source code is available under two different licenses: The Scratch Source Code License and the GPL v2. See the Scratch Source Code page.

Linux Camera Plugin

The camera Plug-in for Scratch on Linux is designed to work out of the box with a wide range of USB webcams. If you are having problems, see this page for help troubleshooting.