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Scratch License

Is Scratch free to copy and use?
Yes! Scratch is available free of charge. You are free to download, copy, and use as many copies as you would like.

What license is Scratch software available under?
Here is a copy of the Scratch 1.4 license. You can also find the license in the Scratch folder, downloaded as part of Scratch, in a file called license.txt.

What is the license for Scratch projects and support materials?
Scratch projects and support materials are available under the
Creative Commons "Attribution - Share Alike"

Can I distribute copies of Scratch on a website or CD?
Yes, if you include the following credit: "Scratch is available free of charge from the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. See "

Is it okay use Scratch in a class with a fee or tuition?
Yes, you can use Scratch in a class, regardless of whether there is a course fee.

Can my students download Scratch at home?

Can I get the source code for Scratch? What license is that under?
The source code for Scratch is available under its own license. See