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Video Tutorials

Want to start creating Scratch projects? Check out this collection of video tutorials.

Scratch 2.0 Videos


Make your sprite move forward


Make your sprite spin


 Make your sprite change color


Make your sprite dance


 Make your sprite
follow the mouse


Make your sprite glide


 Make your sprite jump
when you clap


Make your sprite spin
when you say something


 Avoid the witch to
get the key to victory


Fly me to the moon
when you say something



Scratch 1.4 Videos


Rainbow Fish

Learn to change the color of your sprite


Featured Blocks


Whirling Butterfly

Learn to change your sprite’s graphic effects by moving your mouse


Featured Blocks


Beat It

Learn to move your sprite to a drum beat


Featured Blocks


Dancing Queen

Learn to import a new background, animate your sprite and create a music loop


Featured Blocks


Haunted Scratch

Learn to add your own background and create a dialog for a story


Featured Blocks