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Inspiration and Themes

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Inspiration and Examples

What have other people made with WeDo and Scratch? Here are a few example projects:

WeDo Submarine example
Watch WeDo and Scratch projects from MIT.

talking<br />
            sandwich example from Science Museum of Minnesota
WeDo and Scratch projects from Science Museum of Minnesota.

Project Themes

What can you make with Scratch and WeDo? Here are some examples:

Interactive Stories: Make a story using characters on the screen and in the physical world. Interact using the tilt or distance sensors.

Adventure Stories: Make a story based on an imaginary or historical adventure.

Travel: Create a virtual travel experience, using sensors to move sprites on the screen.

Celebrations: Make an interactive project based on a holiday or celebration. 

Games: Make a game using the WeDo tilt sensor or distance sensor as an input device.

Mazes: Make a maze using the WeDo tilt sensor to navigate.

Dance: Make a project where characters in the physical world and screen dance, using the distance sensor.



To discuss ideas for using Scratch and WeDo in classes or workshops, share ideas on ScratchEd.