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LEGO WeDo and Scratch: Getting Started

WeDo and Scratch > Getting Started

What Can You Do with WeDo + Scratch?

You can use LEGO WeDo and Scratch together to make new types of interactive projects.

For example, move your hand to interact with a sprite


Or use Scratch to turn on a motor

Before you begin: If this is your first time ever using Scratch software, start  Getting Started with Scratch.

Interact with a Sprite

You can use the LEGO WeDo distance sensor to interact with characters on the screen.

Step 1: Get the sensor working.

WeDo hub and distance sensor
Plug the hub into your computer, and the distance sensor onto the hub.


Make sure it's the distance sensor.

It looks like it has two "eyes."

distance sensor point out

At the bottom of the Scratch category, locate the sensor value block: 



Choose distance from the pull-down menu.

distance sensor checked


Click on the checkbox to display the sensor value on the Stage:

distance sensor box<br />

Now, try moving your hand towards and away from the sensor, and  watch the number change (from 0 to 100).

distance sensor value monitor on             stage


next<br />
Step 2: Wave hand, change size