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WeDo and Scratch Getting Started - Page 3

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Using Scratch with a Motor

Now try giving the WeDo motor a spin.

Step 1: Turn the motor on

Connect the motor to the WeDo hub.

Motor plug me onto the hub

Add something to the motor so you can see it spin.

LEGO decorated axle example
Try attaching different things, such as: a printed picture, a pattern drawn on a circle, or colored ribbon.

Drag this block into the Scripts area:


Click to start the motor.

Try typing in a different number to change how many seconds the motor spins.

Step 2. Change the motor speed

Drag out a motor power block:

Try changing the number, 100 is the highest.

What is the smallest number that can still make the motor turn?

You can use the distance sensor to control the motor speed.

LEGO<br />
            WeDo motor and distance sensor
Make sure the motor and the distance sensor are plugged in (side-by-side) on the WeDo hub.

Try this:

Notice how the speed of the motor changes based on how close you put your hand to the sensor.

Mix It Up


Try using the distance sensor to interact with the motor and the screen at the same time.

For example:

Things to try:

Draw a new sprite in Scratch and see what it looks like when it spins.

Experiment to get the motor to turn at the same speed as the sprite.

Try distance<br />
            sensor value with other Scratch blocks.

You've completed the Getting Started guide for WeDo and Scratch.

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